Tempranillo_2Good first harvests of grapes comes from the early budding of the vine, which results in a longer growing and ripening cycle, with a mild end to the winter and spring, following by a not excessively hot period and with sufficient rainfall. Good weather is essential during the time that the vines are in flower and the month that the grapes are harvested.

2015 harvest

The 2015 harvest merges a as one of the bests harvest over the past years. Throughout the vine cycle the weather conditions have been optimum. The vineyard has shown and excellent quality results. Harvest started 10 days in advance. Nice warm weather conditions during the harvest allow to make a selective harvest.

2014 harvest

The 2014 harvest amount exceeds the previous two vintages. During the year, the climatology was favourable resulting in a vegetative cycle that allows to expect a good vintage Both the summer months and the harvest time have been marked by more rain than expected. Again preventive treatments performed in our vineyards, such as thinning clusters and leafless have allowed us to obtain a high quality grapes. The optimum time to harvest began the 27th September, when we started harvesting white grapes and continued with red grapes, until it was finished on 6th October with good perspectives.

2013 harvest

2013 vintage can be characterized for having a the biggest delayed in this century in its wine cycle. Spring with low temperatures and high rains, short summer. LANDALUCE starts on the 7th of October with a selection on the vineyard. Due to the comfortable temperatures during the month of October those vineyards which had suffered severe damages can survive to give good quality grapes.

2012 harvest

The 2012 harvest has been poor due to drought. The yield of the vineyard has been lower especially in dry land areas, affecting all varieties, especially white, but this lack of rain has meant that the grapes arrive at the winery in excellent health getting very Mediterranean wines, aromatic and fruity. LANDALUCE harvest started September 24 and ended on October 9, performing a slow and selective harvest.

2011 harvest

Unusual harvest, matured uneven and heterogeneous due to water stress and lack of contrast in temperature between day and night. With these conditions have been necessary to make a good selection in the vineyard and the grapes at the winery. The main characteristic has been the excellent health of the grapes and development fermentations without incident. Although maturation is one week early this year compared to previous years, the wines obtained are well structured, with high polyphenol content and good color intensities, qualities that promise high quality wines.

2010 harvest

The evolution of the vineyard in the 2010 vintage has been very good at large. The harvest begins promptly regarding traditional media and runs slow and without incident along October, leading to a selective collection, and confirming the good performance of giving as a reward ripening fruit of excellent quality.

2009 harvest

The first harvest was slightly earlier due to a very hot and dry summer. The rain in mid-September, and the excellent health of the grapes, resulted in optimum ripening. The wines were well structured, with a good aromatic richness and high alcohol contents.

2008 harvest

Rainy spring and dry and mild summer, the grapes were ready to harvest 8 days later than in previous years, when the ripening process ended earlier. The grape harvest began in our vineyards on 8 October and went on until the 20th. The grapes were healthy and of an extremely high quality, with much lower yields than during a normal harvest.

2007 harvest

First harvest marked by a mild spring and summer, with an average temperature higher than in previous years. The low temperatures during the final stage of ripening slowed down the grape that took longer to be ready than the previous year. The harvest began on 4 October and ended on 15th of the same month. The grapes were healthy and with a perfect balance between the alcohol contents and colour.

2006 harvest

It was a dry start to the year, followed by abundant rainfall in March and April which ensured sufficient humidity reserves for the crop to develop perfectly. August and the first fortnight of September were very hot, which, along with the odd thunderstorm, sped up the ripening process. Harvesting the grapes began on 23 September and ended on 10 October.

2005 harvest

Dry during the growing period that led to a smaller grape in size, followed by a mild summer that prevented high alcohol contents and excessive over-ripening, resulting in the good show of grapes being picked earlier. The grapes were extremely healthy with good colour and fruit.

2004 harvest

Noted for the winter rains and the low temperatures that delayed the spring budding. April was also rainy and cold, followed by a hot and dry summer, with an odd thunderstorm in August. It was a rainy start to September that delayed the grape harvest to the end of October. The grapes were healthy and produced corpulent wines with good tannin levels that are ideal for long ageing. A good evolution is expected in the bottle.