About cookies and privacy

About cookies and privacy

Bodegas Landaluce’s website uses some cookies to temporary store information needed for its correct working. Here you have all what you need to know about it:

What is a cookie?

Is a small text file with code that downloads to your computer in order to allow some functions on the web page. Example: identify your computer so you don’t need to login on each visit, or remembering your language settings. On returning to the page, it reads the cookies so it can re-configure itself on your preferences and recover needed information.

What cookies do our site stores?

Actually the cookies used on our website are compliant with EU legislation for the allowed uses and include the following ones:

Configuration cookies

Include or may include:

  • Language settings (Language used in the las visit)
  • Cookie acceptance ( Remembers if the user allowed us to use cookies so message does not appears again )

Registry cookies

Include or may include:

  • User registration on the web, for fast logins on future sessions (Only for registered users, page administrators and only when this option is available)

Traffic analytic cookies

Include or may include:

  • Info relative to the visit and use of the web, to be used on traffic analysis (It does not incluye personal info. Only anonymous identification to identify the computer and analyze the visit with its public information)

How to disable cookies on the main browsers:

Usually you can stop accepting cookies on the browser at all, or stop accepting on particular sites. You should find this options on your browser settings section.

What happen if I disable cookies on my browser?

At first, you should be able to use our page without issues, but some functionality may be not working or some info, as your language options, may not be remembered.